Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Selling your old electronics

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseThis is something I really never consider, while I have some friends that do it regularly, always upgrading / buying new devices.

My reasons not to:
  • lazy
  • seems like too much trouble
  • it works now, why bother?
  • it's too much trouble to change
  • I guess I am content "enough" -- I don't have device lust, and seem to care less and less about new things coming out.
  • not spending money == good.
Sounds like good reasons to me. On the other hand, if you've "gotten your money's worth" (for some value of worth), and the device still has market value.

But enough about me.

I came across this (old) random article "Where to Sell Your iPhone 3G: ", which had like to a number of sites. Check out my iPhone 3G, now over 3 years old...

parameters: near perfect condition, no scratches, all accessories +
  • http://www.selliphoneforcash.com/ - $103
  • http://www.buybackworld.com/ - $104
  • http://cexchange.com/online/home/index.rails - $97 or $115 if I call it excellent..
  • http://takemymac.com/ -- too many questions.. ok, should get email in 48hours
  • http://www.techtwurl.com/ - $110
  • http://www.yourenew.com/ - 85$
Note that all of these (except for the first?) deal with other devices besides just iPhones.

For those that think trading in your old thing for something newer is green, or trading in your land boat for a Prius or other hybrid -- it's not. It takes a huge amount of energy to create those new devices. You won't get to the break-even point until you drive 100000 miles or so.

Of course, re-use is better than re-cycle, is better than throwing away,
but how do we get closer to understanding the true cost/value of a thing ?

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