Friday, September 17, 2010

Websphere portal server and Lotus Web Content Management performance tuning tips

an illustration of a plunge poolImage via WikipediaIf you have had the pleasure to install and set up a WebSphere Portal environment, you know that sometimes it can be a big, fat bloated piece of something you'd expect from Redmond.

You will probably see the biggest increase from the Base portal tuning recommendations.
Give it as much memory as you can spare and increase the thread pool size -- you should see performance increase just from this. (If on Windows, you can't go above 1.5G, but for a server Windows should always be your last choice.)

After the base portal tuning, try again, then start to do some performance monitoring.
If you're a big WCM user, check the caches here and make them bigger.

  • a starting point is IBM doc#swg27007059,
    IBM WebSphere Portal Performance Troubleshooting Guide,
    it contains basic generic troubleshooting methodology. You may want a methodology like this for your manager or client.. Also a step-by-step guide to the PMI / Tivoli Performance Viewer -- these are definitely worth checking to get basic measurements of your server.
Patches (aka fixpacks) sometimes fix performance issues. I haven't encountered one specifically, but it has been known to happen.

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