Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is making the Web look like paper the best we can do ?

Why hypertext was better before WWW.

[not sure if pro & con, or a quadrants (2x2 ) are better.   I think there's only 2 choices..
what if a tool allows you to pick importance of issues, and weights
and compare your graph to others?

or (better?)  query before, and then after you read to guage any change in attitude.  then show you the graph (and others graphs)

pro pre-

  • magical potential
  • very different from paper
  • no interface to get in the way;  no browser quirks, no ads!
  • semantic, typed links
  • texts were all-encompassing, contained everything you needed but showed you only what you wanted
  • Xanadu and Ted Nelson was less jaded
con pre-
  • mostly fictional
  • each hypertext a silo;  completely different models, tools, architecture

IBIS as argument store.
Nodes in the graph can represent attitudes

.. a work in progress ..

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