Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aquamacs Emacs color themes

Mostly a crude note to myself so I remember--this is just something I started trying and haven't commited to memory or .emacs yet.  Expect updates  (post a comment to get an email I think, or remember to check back).


  • M-x color-theme-select
  • Pick one (click with mouse, move and hit enter

  • Mode help says:
    (use M-x describe-mode, or ^H m)
    Color Themes mode:
    Major mode to select and install color themes.

    Use I to install a color theme on all frames.
    Use L to install a color theme for the current frame only.
    'L' is a useful way to have different colors
     in a different frame,
    to either try out, 
    or keep separate windows for separate tasks.
    The changes are applied on top of your current setup.  This is a
    Feature 'on top of' means that 
    each theme only affects a subset of all possible settings
    (may be fonts, colors, certain modes, etc.), 
    so order of application will make a difference.
    If you worry about the size of color-theme.el: You are right.  Use
    P to print the current color theme and save the resulting buffer
    for example, 678 lines

    I (usually) prefer light text / dark background.  I haven't spent any time tuning or tweaking yet, there are many existing themes to try first.

    Theme notes:
    • Arjen - ok, but echo area unreadable
    • Bharadwaj - looks like default ?
    • Blue Sea - nice purple
    • Cooper Dark - trying (7/24)
    Couple links, form searching "aquamacs select color theme":

    Somewhere my previous setting from M-x customize for modeline color/font..  where was that saved?  what's it called?

    and what are these desktop commands?  I found a emacs.desktop file:
    Click on a completion to select it.
    In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.

    Possible completions are:
    desktop-change-dir desktop-clear
    desktop-read desktop-remove
    desktop-revert desktop-save

    ... to be continued..


    Jack Duthen said...

    Concerning 'desktop-menu.el':
    ;;; Commentary:

    ;; This package provides a *Desktop Menu* for managing multiple Emacs
    ;; desktops, possibly in a single directory.
    ;; Start the menu with `M-x desktop-menu RET'.
    ;; Press `?' for help in the Desktop Menu.

    ;; Olaf speaketh:
    ;; Why a Desktop Menu?
    ;; The Emacs package `desktop' is a really nice menu for saving and
    ;; reading various Emacs desktops in different directories.
    ;; But often I have the problems:
    ;; - I want to save various Emacs desktops in the same directory and
    ;; - I lost the overview for directories with a Emacs desktop.
    ;; So I've developed a menu which handles various Emacs desktops
    ;; in one directory and I can give each desktop a nice name.


    Todd Kaufmann said...

    Thanks.. I had totally forgot I even mentioned desktop there.

    This seems to be a better overview:
    Loading a Desktop Saved from a Previous Session at Startup

    It looks like it could be useful.. I usually only start emacs once per session, and don't exit until I need to logout or reboot--which generally lasts a week or two.