Saturday, May 25, 2013

keyboard shortcuts: Disable front row (OSX), NetBeans

I use the keyboard far more than mouse..
  • cmd-tab to switch applications
  • cmd-` for windows, Aquamacs buffers
  • ctrl-tab for tabs in browsers, buffers in NetBeans
Occasionally I miss and hit cmd-ESC, which does the worst thing -- stops my music, fades everything to black,
and then brings up the front row icon. Luckily hitting ESC again makes it go away, but it's an annoying interruption. Every time I say "I have to disable that..." and put it off.

No more.

Cmd-space keyboard to access System Preferences.
The shortcuts come up, Front Row is the fourth icon for me;
select, click checkbox on the right,

Now, cmd-ESC is the same as ESC.. I thought there would be a good shortcut to use this for, but I can't think of a better one.

Any other favorite shortcuts ?
New tools?
Been meaning to look into ubiquity...

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