Friday, August 13, 2010

Add ogg support to iTunes on Mac OS X

iTunes for Mac:
this was harder to find than I thought.
Not hard, just not trivial; this should be a one-click add-capability type action,
but the instructions were not as clear. (Ideally, iTunes would already have support for open formats.)

  1. Quit iTunes
  2. Download XiphQT QuickTime component.
    This is a small 1M .dmg; double click to open it. You'll see some text files, but most importantly
  3. Copy it in to /Library/QuickTime
  4. [Optional] This is only necessary if you want to double-click an .ogg file and have it open in iTunes. You can still use the 'add to library' menu item or drag files from the Finder on to iTunes. I think.
    Edit the info.plist file inside of iTunes;
    see instructions here:
Go to and try an ogg stream.
Start up iTunes and play.
I did this on 10.6.4.


sunshinetom said...

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betterpluse said...

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