Monday, June 14, 2010

Exception: WUPD0248E: Fix pack update failure: The processing of fix pack WP_PTF_6104, component wp.ptf.config failed.

IBM says:

    Completed processing extractor command line arguments.
    Performing extraction.

    Failed to perform extraction.
    Exception: WUPD0248E: Fix pack update failure: The processing of fix pack WP_PTF_6101, component wp.ptf.config failed.

The fixpack installation was performed utilizing a non-root user. Reviewing permissions on the directory structures for the /tmp file indicated the non-root user did not have write permissions on that directory. Therefore, the extraction of the updated .jar files to the /tmp directory failed.

Any supported UNIX® or Linux™ operating system may be affected.
NOTE: Microsoft Windows operating systems should not be affected by this error message as the user ID used for Portal on Windows must be a member of the Administrators Group per the Portal 6.1 Information Center.
But, it happened to me on Windows.. the message in another log file was slightly different--it was making some changes of which it said it couldn't write to. Odd, because I owned that directory, and am admin, and that's the only file I changed.. from a remote machine. Yes, it's usually more convenient to do something on a non-windows machine where you have real tools to work with. I am logged over the network as the same user, or should be, so why does writing over the next change it?

dir /Q will show owners..

C:\wps\WebSphere\wp_profile\ConfigEngine\properties>dir /q
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 3108-D2F9

Directory of C:\wps\WebSphere\wp_profile\ConfigEngine\properties

11/04/2009 11:32 AM 2,729 BUILTIN\Administrators
11/04/2009 11:32 AM 1,381 BUILTIN\Administrators
06/14/2010 12:50 PM 87,670 ... test
06/14/2010 02:32 PM 87,670 BUILTIN\Administrators
05/12/2010 11:48 AM 87,566 BUILTIN\Administrators

Whatever '...' is, the administrator can't write to it.
Guess it's not surprising anymore when microsoft does things wrong.

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