Thursday, March 18, 2010

Citrix Web Interface fails after Websphere migration v6.0 -> v6.1

If you can actually get migration to work,
and you have this portlet, you might see this in your logs:

[3/17/10 11:35:55:867 EDT] 0000003c AdminLinkInfo W doStartTag The search menu tag is not supported in this version of WebSphere Portal. Please refer to the Information Center for details.
[3/17/10 11:35:55:960 EDT] 0000003c WebApp E [Servlet Error]-[/WEB-INF/jsp/View.jsp]: JSPG0227E: Exception caught while translating /WEB-INF/jsp/View.jsp:
/WEB-INF/jsp/View.jsp(14,1) --> JSPG0009E: Unable to load tag handler class org.apache.pluto.tags.DefineObjectsTag

Enterprise app name: PA_Citrix_WI
locally, my file was called NewCli3.war.

unzip the file, edit View.jsp, jar it back up, update the app in websphere portal server, and the error should go away.

How to change JSP? see Changing JSP source
1. Change the tag library to use the standard tag library.
in some goddamned IBM documentation.


Dom said...

THis is pretty easy - just go into the files in /WEB-INF/jsp and as the IBM doc states, change this:
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tld/portlet.tld" prefix="portletAPI" %>
to this:
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="portlet" %>

That's all. If you don't know how to jar/unjar, just use winzip, that's all a jar is...

ender said...

Thank you! it worked!