Monday, December 21, 2009

Convert bin/cue files to .iso on OS X

This is documented a couple places in much detail.
I just needed a CD image convert to ISO format (that's ISO9660)
so I could mount it in VMware Fusion.
Warning: command lines follow.
  1. Get BinChunker (bchunk) to convert bin/cue to iso. If you don't have a compiler, you can get it prebuilt here: BinChunker for OS X. I was trusting.. it works.
    (If you have macports installed, then you can just do 'sudo port install bchunk').
  2. run bchunk. I will assume you specify full path here or have it on your path:
    bchunk -v image.bin image.cue isoFileName
  3. Done. Mount it in vmware, Virtualbox, or just open the iso file if you want to look at the files (double-click in Finder).
Above is all I need to remember.
Credit to these posts, which go into more depth and alternatives.
Along the way I found some other things.
  • 'drutil burn' says it can burn bin/cue files; see the man page.
  • Burn can also burn bin/cue files, ISO's, mp3's or audios with CD-Text, and more.
    Selectable compression for conversion of videos to DVD format (mp2)--this might let me get more video on a disc?

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buddyray said...

this worked great, make sure to include the -w switch to go to wav files, otherwise it outputted .cdr files, and I had not idea what to do with them.