Friday, September 11, 2009

possible topics I

stuff i know, or want to learn, but might write about in some capacity:

  • data annotation
  • java: spring
  • process migration
  • complex event processing
  • spreading activation network
  • software estimation
  • cloud topics
  • augmented reality platform
  • open video
  • RDF / RDFa, dublin core, OWL, protege, topic maps, hyTime
  • rewriting proxies, debugging proxies
  • GIS, ArcGIS, ArcSDE with Oracle, flash interface
  • spatial data infrastructure
  • ajax, xmlHttpRequest, json
  • ALM - application life-cycle management
  • uml, model-driven development
  • IOC, dependency injection, guice
  • infosec, security patterns
  • CMMI level-2
  • reputation and recommender engines / systems, trust networks
  • WebEOC, board building and communication to other systems
  • NIMS resource definitions, resource database, iBatis
  • websphere portal development
  • java application servers, servlet development, enterprise applications, web services,
  • SOA: some overhyped acronym
  • datamodels, database engineering, reverse engineering, roundtrip
  • tomcat, axis2, pojo
  • situational awareness
  • edxl
  • knowledge management
  • victim tracking, patient tracking systems
  • sbeocs - strategic bio-defense emergency operations and communications system, preplink
  • the symbol grounding problem
  • nims resource typing
  • revision control, configuration management, RCS, CVS, VSS, SVN
  • bespin, code in the cloud
  • semantic web
  • using synergy2 (aka synergy) to share mouse and keyboard, via software
these items came to mind while cleaning my desk and going through some old notes.

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