Saturday, July 25, 2009

Synaptics touchpad suddenly stopped working (Vista laptop)

I thought it was after I had unplugged an external USB mouse from it, after hitting the power key to suspend it. A couple days ago the synt_whatever.dll had crashed, so I lost the scroll features on the touchpad, but regular mouse movement and clicking were fine. I expected they would resume after a reboot. Also this day I had plugged into a projector (external video: Fn-F5), and at one point also hit mute (Fn-F8).

I tried rebooting a couple times--it's the Windows way--but that didn't make a difference.
Looked in the synaptics utility that shows in the systray--thought I saw something there about enabling touchpad/usb mouse simultaneously, and maybe a toggle would fix that. Nothing.

The device manager said everything was running fine. I figured I would probably have to uninstall and re-install drivers, because Windows just breaks, and this is something you have to accept.

Well, after a little search, seeing people had problems installing the driver, or the ALPS driver worked for them, I saw one that said 'try Fn-F7.'

Fn-F7 toggles the touchpad. Problem solved.

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